I Ask Again … Are You Ready?

I just finished reading the story of the young mother who was the victim of a home invasion. According to published reports, she was breastfeeding her 4-month-old son just before 10 a.m. when the criminal predators kicked in her front door. She met the men at her bedroom door where she was shot twice, but fired back, putting her attackers into flight. The baby was unhurt.

Think about all the information these few lines of text relay to us as responsibly armed citizens.

First up: Crime happens during the day! This was 10 a.m. Typically burglars will come to your house when they think you are at work. If no one answers the door, they will break it in. If someone does answer the door, the armed criminals shift gears and become home invaders. Whereby they will, again, kick in the door and may take hostages, beat, terrorize, rape, or kill. These attacks have been known to last for hours, as the criminals can often stay until they are forced to leave.

The take away here: Be ready at all times. You can never tell when evil will appear.

Second point: This young mother had a firearm, if not on her person, very near to her WHILE SHE WAS BREASTFEEDING HER CHILD! This fact alone should be enough to make at least 10 liberals fall over dead with a stroke. I applaud this woman for being prepared to defend herself AND HER CHILD even at a time when most young women would rather not think of having a gun handy. Until you read this story, did you think a woman should have her pistol with her while breastfeeding? Can you imagine the righteous indignation I would have had to endure had I suggested last week that a young mother be armed while feeding a baby?

The take away here: If you are more than three seconds away for your gun, fix that problem right now!

Third point: She did not stop fighting! She got shot! Twice! And yet she still returned fire. She was also able to call 911 and provide self-care until help arrived. Yes, she was a combat medic with the National Guard, but if she can learn to stay calm, so can you. It takes focus and a willingness to fight. Do you have that?

The take away here: There are two things to learn from this little tidbit of information. The first is that if you are shot, you will very likely be able to continue to fight and you should continue to fight until you are no longer able to do so. The second thing to note is that if one or two bullets will not stop you, why do you think they will stop a determined attacker? Keep shooting until the threat stops, leaves the area, or is otherwise neutralized.

This young woman did not want to be thrust into the spotlight in this way. My guess is she and her husband (who was not home during the attack) simply want to raise their baby in peace. But sadly, peace is not something we can count on. We can hope for it, but hope is cold comfort when you hear the sound of a door being kicked in.

Don’t count on the ability of the police to respond in time and certainly don’t count on the mercy of criminals. Count on your own preparation. Are you ready for whatever might come? When you woke up this morning, did you imagine you would be thinking about the need to be armed while breastfeeding a baby?

Are you ready to deal with things like this?


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