Armed Citizen Saves Lives, Ignored by Media

An armed citizen apparently prevented a mass-casualty public shooting in Oklahoma City on December 17, 2009, but details remain scanty and few news outlets reported the story.

According to News9 of Oklahoma City, OK, the criminal gunman—whose name was not released—first threatened employees inside the office at the Tammaron Village Apartments around four in the afternoon. When those employees locked the man outside the office, the man began shooting his firearm and threatening passersby.

That’s when the unidentified armed citizen stepped in, drawing his handgun and ordering the attacker to put his weapon down. The attacker dropped his weapon, then ran to his father’s apartment and barricaded himself inside, surrendering peacefully to police several hours later.

Most local news outlets apparently did not report the event. News OK, a competitor of News9, did report the event, but did not report the role of the armed citizen in protecting lives. “Another man at the complex persuaded the man to surrender his firearm,” News OK reported, but failed to note just how the armed citizen did that persuading.