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I recently spent a weekend in Minneapolis as part of the USCCA Instructor Certification class. We trained and certified more than 30 newly minted USCCA-certified instructors. As part of that presentation I was asked to talk about what I do. That can be a humbling experience.

As the Executive Editor of a national magazine I have lots of responsibilities and there are plenty of details about my job that would simply put people to sleep. But when I boil it down to the base element, I am here to answer questions. That is the main job of the entire Media Team here at the USCCA. We need to accurately answer your questions to fulfill our mission to “Educate, Equip, Train, and Insure Responsibly Armed Americans.”

I see my place as being firmly in the education and training components of this company, and I take that role very seriously. To that end, I work diligently to seek out the best information from the most reliable sources across the country. We have some great names working for us here at Concealed Carry Magazine; people like George Harris, Dave Workman, Rich Grassi, Tamara Keel, and Scott Wagner bring both experience and engaging writing styles. With our rapid growth we are adding new people every day. Seems like everyone wants to be part of the Concealed Carry team. It is a good place to be.

Recently I’ve gotten a few questions about why we don’t publish negative reviews on the pages of Concealed Carry Magazine and here in the Concealed Carry Report. I can explain that easily. We publish HONEST reviews. If there are small problems with a product, we make note of those. But if a product just does not work as advertised we have no use for it. We don’t have the time or the space to devote to bad gear. There is too much good gear out there. If we get a product that does not live up to our standards, we send a note to the maker explaining what we thought was wrong with the gear. We tell them that if they would like to make changes and resubmit we will look again, but no story about that product will see the light of day until that product functions as it should as a piece of emergency life-saving equipment. This has cost us some advertising dollars, but integrity is more important.

I tell every manufacturer the same thing: There is no quid pro quo here at Concealed Carry. No amount of advertising will convince me to write a positive review about a piece of garbage. By the same token, I will never hold back a story about a good piece of gear just because the maker decides not to advertise. It is about integrity.

We are asking you to bet your life on our recommendations. There is no greater duty in the publishing community. I’m not sharing with you cookie recipes or restaurant reviews.  I will never trade the truth for a few bucks. If you see it here, you can count on it.

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