an I Put My Ammo on Ebay?

Okay, so I am selling some weapons and that leaves me with a decent amount of unused ammunition that I had previously purchased for classes etc. I am not sure if this can be sold. Any thoughts on what my options are?

I plan on buying a 10mm in a few months trying to find the right one. I prefer to keep it under $800 but it depends. Here’s the hard part I want to carry it but not sure how. I shot one at the range but it was in a beautiful 1911 that I could not afford and did not think the recoil was bad.

I want to pick up another AK style rifle. I have a SAIGA that works fine now that the unattached bolt catch has been removed from the receiver. Is there anything “wrong” with the Century International. (Romanian) AK? Besides the two mentioned, are there other options in the under $500 range? I’d love to get some feedback if you can!

Do the lesser-priced models break easily? I need a rifle to shoot straight every time I pull the trigger with it being easy to maintain and cheap to shoot in a caliber that will take down any North American sized game or aggressor with a well-placed shot.