Almost Bitten By Two Pitbulls

I recently became a concealed carry permit holder. The gun that I want to carry I purchased from a private seller. I have a bill of sale with the guns serial number and my signature showing that I purchased the weapon from the individual who sold it to me. I have not registered this gun into my name yet. To be honest I really don’t want to register any of my guns because I do not feel it is any of the governments business on what I own. Plus I don’t want to be on a list of gun owners if the government ever derives enough power through regulations and what not that they come to take my guns away.

My question to concealed carriers out there is, do you think it is a good idea to register the gun that I am going to carry in case I ever have to prove to police that the gun is mine or God forbid that I ever have to use the gun to defend myself or my family? Am I going to be in more trouble if the gun isn’t registered to me, but I have proof that the gun is mine through a bill of sale? I am curious as to what any of you may think on this subject. What are your thoughts?

Can anyone tell me if it is legal to shoot a dog if you are about to be bitten or do you have to be bitten in order to protect yourself? I came close last evening while riding my bicycle. I used the bike as a shield between myself and two full grown aggressive pit bulls. Today this dog owner was served with a complaint by animal control. I would not want to shoot anyone’s dogs but what if no one had stopped to help and they started biting me, could I have shot them legally?

I have an IMI Jericho compact 45  which is 42oz of steel that I can shoot very accurately. Jericho, like the CZ75 and EAA Witness is a SA/DA pistol. My Jericho has a frame safety mounted below the slide. The new ones have a slide-mounted decocker.

I am having trouble reaching the safety with my thumb without shifting my grip slightly. In condition one I can take safety off without changing grip. In condition two I need to slightly shift my grip to take off safety. My research suggests that it is safe to carry this firearm in condition two since it has a firing pin block. DA trigger is very heavy, like a revolver. I always need to change my grip to put safety on. Safety is right handed only. I am a lefty that usually shoots right eyed and right handed.

Would you recommend carrying this gun for self-defense or trading it in? I have emotional attachment to this tool since it was made in Israel. I believe that I could use it fast enough if needed. I am short on money and I don’t think I could do as well on a trade as this gun.