So, now I am the guy who has a light and laser on his gun. What does that mean? It means I’m constantly on the lookout for elements that will help me win a fight. It also means that I’m very slow and methodical when I make changes. I mean, lasers have been around for a while, and I’m just now making the change.

In response to a couple questions and comments about why I made the change to the Viridian system, the simple answer is readiness. Over the years, I have often thought that I would like a light on my pistol. But by the same token, I wondered about my ability to engage the light immediately on the draw. This, like all other elements of effective self-defense, comes down to training. Get training. Practice the skills. Work toward proficiency. Work toward mastery.

While debate still rages around the usefulness and effectiveness of a weapon-mounted light, I find a weapon-mounted light to be an asset. I wanted to make sure I could incorporate such a light into my everyday carry (EDC) gear seamlessly. After testing several, I settled on the Viridian C5L. I liked the size, the light output and the durability. I also grew to like the speed on target that the laser offers. But I still understand all this means that using this new gear effectively will require training.

Beware the Man With Only One Gun…

…because he probably knows how to use it. That’s because he uses it a lot and is well-practiced with that piece. The best tools in the world are useless if you are not trained to use them properly. And, even if you get good training, your skills will perish if you don’t practice. GOAT = Go Out And Train!


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