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Are CCW Permits Becoming a Thing of the Past?

I learned a long time ago to trust my gut instinct. It’s not easy. While our brain tells us one thing, our gut tells us another. I’m beginning to get the gut feeling we are on the cusp of a radical shift in America. Right now as I type this, one-fifth of this country has a constitutional carry provision. That’s right, one-fifth — and it is growing every day (with New Hampshire the latest to move on a bill recognizing the rights of law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm without a government permission slip. Texas is filing another bill, and North Dakota is moving that direction). It’s high time. We will be discussing this movement for the next several years, and I’ll make a prediction here and now: It won’t be long that a third of the nation moves on constitutional carry during the first four years of the Trump administration.

The Cesspool Known as California

The liberal stronghold of California is fighting the inevitable. While America is moving away from its previous dangerous flirtation with progressive liberalism, defiant progressives in California are doubling down. Vowing to keep a stranglehold on their citizens, particularly gun owners, California is moving toward even more radical gun control measures to show the rest of America that they will never acquiesce. I am a firm believer that freedom will always prevail and I sense that happening in California in due time. Here’s why: As the rest of America begins to flourish under the Trump administration and California politicians try to fight the inevitable, it won’t be long before the nation blows right by them. Shortly after that, the citizens of the Golden State will begin to realize they are being left behind. Once this occurs, they too will remove the shackles of government, and freedom will once again begin to take root in California. It might not happen overnight, but we will see it in our lifetimes. California gun owners, help is on the way!

A Dying Breed of Ignorance

I responded (bold emphasis) to this Florida Sun Sentinel opinion piece by the Mayor of South Miami, Philip K. Stoddard, regarding the proposed carry legislation in that state following the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting:

Under Steube’s proposed open-carry law it gets far worse. Armed citizens could walk the streets, AR-15s slung over their shoulders, bringing scenes from the Mexican cartel drug wars into Florida’s cities and towns. (Armed robbers, terrorists or drug cartel members already do as they please with whatever weapons they choose. They are not waiting for the Florida legislature to pass open carry legislation to commit their crimes. See the Pulse nightclub, bonehead.)

 A stranger could legally approach you carrying a loaded Glock — he could legally walk up to your front door, his hand on a gun in open display. (Really? No, a stranger cannot legally approach you or walk up to your front door with “his hand on a gun in open display.” This is a crime in all 50 states.)

The homeowner, perceiving the lawful gunslinger as a threat to his life, could legally open fire, protected by “stand your ground.” (The author, once again, is not describing legal actions by an armed individual. The homeowner would have every right, under the author’s description of an armed individual with a “hand on his gun in open display,” on his or her property, to defend himself or herself from the armed threat, as the person with his “hand on his gun in open display” on someone else’s property IS a threat. The author’s invoking “stand your ground” is misleading, as a property owner is and always has been protected by Castle Doctrine law for centuries. Put mildly, if you come onto my property with a “hand on your gun,” I’m going to shoot you, legally.)

Under the proposed “campus carry” provision, a college senior could walk into his professor’s office with a loaded gun to contest a bad exam grade. (Um, hey numbskull, a college senior, or junior, or sophomore, or freshman or grad student can already “walk into his professor’s office with a loaded gun” if he chooses.)

Two guys jostling in line (what is jostling in line, anyway?) at McDonald’s could start a legally protected gunfight if each saw the other’s gun as a credible threat to his (or her) life. (No, snowflake, they can’t … unless one was threatening the other with his/her gun, there is no perceived “credible threat” and someone is going to prison.)

Legal guns in airports would require us to place teams of heavily armed police in every terminal like we see in Latin America. (You mean “Latin America” as in the other 45 U.S. states that allow open carry and airport carry in the nonsterile areas of airports where what you’re describing has never happened and are already teaming with “heavily armed police?)

The “open carry” bill would let angry citizens display their displeasure with elected officials by carrying loaded assault rifles into their county and city commission meetings — (Why of course. No “angry citizen” hell-bent on murdering someone can currently “display their displeasure with elected officials.” They must wait for the open carry bill to pass, first, huh?) only wackos would serve in public office under such threatening conditions.” (Don’t even get me started on this one!)

Think about it: (Oh, I have.) What kind of adult, other than a paranoid, a menace or a sociopath, would even want to carry and display a lethal weapon in a public place? (Golly, maybe tens of millions of law-abiding citizens who already carry guns to protect themselves and the thousands of them who use their guns to defend themselves every day. You know, like the guy who saved the deputy right down the road from where this clown writes his columns, among many others.)

What remains of public safety in Florida will evaporate the day we allow the angriest and most paranoid of Florida’s citizens to wave loaded guns on our streets and in our places of education, recreation, travel and public discourse. (Angry citizens waving guns around is against the law, snowflake.)

Yup, America is blowing right past these folks. They just haven’t figured it out yet. Too bad for them, the rest of us have.

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