I love hearing good news about Second Amendment organizations, especially groups of women who are growing, learning, training and making a difference. And one that stands out is the 2A Sisterhood. This group of women focuses on personal safety, firearms training and giving back. Recently, the group raised funds to support local law enforcement departments.

Two Tennessee charters of the 2A Sisterhood (Nashville Armory in Nashville and Guns and Leather in Greenbrier) and their 26 members recently put together a special calendar fundraiser. They set their sights on purchasing and donating K9 ballistic vests. The project included photos of their members, meetings and events, along with officers from the Cheatham Sheriff’s Office and Brentwood Police Department.

The 2A Sisterhood was able to donate K9 vests to the Brentwood Police Department and support a veterans organization at the same time.

Raising Funds for Police Support

According to Nashville leader and instructor Jude Wilder-Roberts, “We started our ‘Back the Blue’ fundraising in October 2020 and decided to honor the K9 officers and the sacrifices that they have made to our citizens. Unfortunately, at the end of our fundraiser, we had only brought in $830 for the protective vests. I sent an email to our members and explained that we were short on our goal of $1,500. The ladies opened their own wallets and exceeded our goal in three days! We also had a retired officer from Florida, David Albury, hear about our efforts, and he more than generously opened his checkbook.”

The 2A Sisterhood charters were able to use the donated money to purchase two K9 protective vests from a veteran-owned company. Veterans Manufacturing offers a range of body armor, tactical vests and plate carriers.

“It was our thought that we would be assisting two well-loved and American patriots — a veterans organization and the K9 officers,” Jude exclaimed.

Giving Back to Tennessee K9s

But the story got even better from there. Jude contacted Veterans Manufacturing to ensure the 2A Sisterhood could share their information. The company asked her to get in touch with the company’s CEO. He informed Jude they wanted to help with the 2A Sisterhood fundraiser … and that Veterans Manufacturing was going to donate an additional K9 vest to the cause.

Loretta joins the Big Dog League in receiving her protective vest.

Members of both charters were able to deliver the K9 vests in-person to Chief Hughes from the Brentwood Police Department and to Sheriff Breedlove and Chief Binkley of the Cheatham County Sherriff’s Office. As posted on the Cheatham County Sherriff’s Office Facebook page, on [June 14], “our dedicated narcotics deputy K-9, Loretta […] was presented a bullet protective vest and our big sweetie barked with delight because she’s now in the Big Dog League. Our undercover agents are increasing their pursuit for middle Tennessee drug dealers who are becoming increasingly more dangerous. Agents were very excited to see Loretta receive this expensive lifesaver […].”

Highland Rim leader and instructor Barbara Holland, stated, “These men, women and K9s put their lives in danger as soon as the uniform goes on […]. Our 2A Sisterhood ladies all agreed purchasing vests for the K9 officers was a great idea, as we are all animal lovers. We were more than thrilled when we presented the vests only to find out the K9 officers didn’t have them. So now they are better protected to do their jobs.”

2A Sisterhood Looks Ahead

Thanks to Veterans Manufacturing, the 2A Sisterhood has one more K9 ballistic vest to deliver. And the members are going to take a vote on their group’s next steps.

“There are many departments in Middle Tennessee that don’t have protective gear for their K9s, and most departments only have a single K9 officer,” Jude explained. “We’re still up in the air as to whether or not a future fundraiser would be to try and supply more [K9 vests] or if we move on to another need in our area. So far, we’ve done fundraisers to help the homeless and feed homeless pets. We have also had a domestic violence fundraiser and a toy drive for the Monroe Carrel Children’s Hospital. And we’ve been very successful with them all. My heart is so full with what we’ve accomplished […]. And it makes me very proud that we have such giving and caring members.”

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