1.3 Ounces of Cutting Power

SOG’s Ultra C-Ti is an ultra-light folding knife that doubles as a money clip (or maybe it’s an ultra-light money clip with a folding knife built in). Either way, at 1.3 ounces, this tool barely registers on the scale. While it may be a lightweight, it is a very strong lightweight with a great VG-10 clip-point blade and a carbon-fiber handle. At first, it feels a bit flimsy, but after a few times of using it for all the basic cutting tasks I face in a given week, it proved to be a very strong and capable tool.

Make no mistake: the Ultra C-Ti is a fine money clip, but I have to admit that I never used it as such. That is because I simply have too much stuff in my current wallet to fit in a money clip. I have too many ID cards, too many receipts and other important bits of paper, a credit card or two and hardly any cash. If I did stuff some wallet items in the Ultra C-Ti, I could stack up about a half-inch’s worth before the titanium clip would be so tight that it probably would not let anything go.

I did carry and use the Ultra C-Ti as a folding knife though. The money clip served as a pocket clip — a very wide pocket clip, to be sure. It was easy to pull it off my pocket and even deploy the knife one-handed. The blade swung out easily and locked in place. Closing it required me to move the Arc-Lock, a locking system tested at 1,000 pounds, into the release position. The carbon-fiber handle is full of punch-outs, further lightening the knife’s overall weight, and the finger detents offer a sure grip. The cross-cut top part of the blade allows a thumb to rest there if additional leverage is needed for a tougher cut.

The Ultra C-Ti measures 3.4 inches when closed. The blade is 2.8 inches long and .08 inches wide. The knife retails for $134.00. Its most common use is as a basic everyday carry knife. It is good mainly when I am dressed for summer and want something ultra-lightweight. I never minded the extra weight of other folding knives — until I carried the Ultra C-Ti and realized what I was missing. Now, with it clipped to my backpack or pocket, I’ve got 1.3 ounces of cutting power.