Are You Well Armed?

Ask yourself this question: Are you well armed?

But — wait! — before you jump into your automated “yes” reply, perhaps we should first address what being well armed really means. For some, being well armed may signify carrying a certain caliber or a specific gun model or make. For others, it may refer to the number of guns in your home or the types of guns you choose to have for protection. But does being well armed simply mean that you have a firearm … or several? Does it indicate that you have a really awesome gun and an equally impressive holster somewhere on your person? Does it signify that you are carrying right now, at this very moment? Or is there more to it than that?

Blame the teacher in me, but I had to check and see what the dictionary said about “well armed,” and I was actually pleasantly surprised. The top three definitions I came across included: 1.) being fully or adequately armed for war or combat; 2.) having many or good weapons; and 3.) being suitably prepared in advance. While the first one makes perfect sense, since I’m not in the military, nor do I plan to fight in a war, it’s not the definition I live by. And while the second one also logically fits, having large numbers of weapons or having really effective weapons is not what I believe makes someone well armed.

The third definition, however, is getting pretty close, for I do believe that being well armed involves being suitably prepared. Preparation, no doubt, is key! But I think for most of us who have been on this concealed carry journey for a while, being well armed means much more than being physically ready to handle a firearm. To be well armed, in fact, has very little to do with the weapon itself. It has more to do with being well trained, well informed, well versed and well prepared. It’s about consistently making wise decisions. It’s about constantly training and seeking out truth and information. It’s about having the right attitude and refusing to be a victim. And it’s about making a daily decision to be safe and responsible … and to preserve and protect life.

Similar to Aristotle’s quote that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” to be well armed is more like the sum of the whole. It’s not just the firearms, and it’s not simply the education or the determination alone. It’s everything put together — the tangible and the intangible. And it signifies that there is such a connection among these individual items that, all together, they are much greater and much more meaningful than what each separate part would be individually. So whether you have one gun or 1,000, and whether you choose Glock, SIG, Ruger or all of the above, being well armed is a conscious choice to train, learn and carry. It’s a consistent mindset to be a warrior and a survivor. And it’s the essential need and desire to protect the ones we love.

Now that all that has been said, and now that we have dug more deeply into the true meaning of the term, ask yourself this question: Are you well armed?

I hope for all of us, every day, the answer is most definitely “yes.”

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