USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit

Every Thursday morning at USCCA headquarters, I have what I call an “Oh Shit Meeting” meeting with all of my employees to identify, discuss, and determine a plan of action on how to continually improve the service we provide to our members. During this time, the USCCA employees are tasked with asking me questions until one of them stumps me and I mutter “Oh Shit!”

Not long ago during one of these OS!Meetings, my affiliate manager mentioned that he’d been getting calls from instructors asking if he knew where they could find support materials for their classes. Guess what? We don’t have anything for them! “Oh SHIT!”

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
Michael Martin and I during one of our “Oh Shit!” Meetings

One of our newest team members, Michael Martin stood up and said: “I can tell you from my own experience, starting or running a firearms training business isn’t easy. It’s one thing to work, train, and study to the point that you can be considered an expert in your field, but it’s quite another to also become a PowerPoint expert, an expert photographer, an expert illustrator, and a legal expert.”

Michael made it clear that developing a classroom presentation takes an incredible amount of time, effort, money and know-how. After all, students expect and deserve to be taught with high-quality, professional presentations. It’s never been more critical than now, that firearms instructors are helping their students become Responsibly Armed Americans.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit

I brought Michael on board the USCCA in October of 2012 to be our Vice President of Media, and as luck would have it he brought with him something extremely valuable that he has spent countless hours over the last few years developing and perfecting.

Working in collaboration with expert photographers, illustrators and videographers, he created what’s now considered to be the industry standard for concealed carry and home defense textbooks and PowerPoint presentations.

More than 75,000 responsibly armed Americans have purchased Michael's book, and hundreds of instructors across the country are using his materials.

Michael's instructor toolkit includes: his book, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals; his complete 145-slide, seven lesson PowerPoint Presentation; nine Professional Quality classroom videos that enhance the subject being discussed; and four classroom posters printed in high resolution color, using the same incredible graphics from the book and PowerPoint.

To add even more value to the kit, we’ve also included ten issues of Concealed Carry Magazine, a USCCA branded golf shirt, a USCCA branded hat, and 50 postage-paid Concealed Carry Magazine subscription postcards for you to gain extra revenue!

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit

Michael’s Toolkit, including the PowerPoint presentation and textbook, have an incredibly professional look and feel to them. The PowerPoint and textbook clearly cover all the bases necessary to teach a Concealed Carry, a Basic Handgun, or a Home Defense Class.

The great news is that the USCCA Affiliate Instructor Toolkit not only contains Michael's great products, we've also added in a number of additional products to really enhance the professionalism of your classes, and separate you from the competition!

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
Each slide is high-resolution and easy to understand

You’ll have to see for yourself, but I’m telling you, Michael’s PowerPoint presentation not only meets the industry standard, it sets the industry standard.

This PowerPoint presentation and corresponding videos will allow you to teach up to six straight hours of quality classes. It’s set up so that you can pick and choose your topics, slides, and adjust the length of your class accordingly.

Each PowerPoint slide has high resolution images and illustrations, and it’s written in an easy to understand format for both you and the student.

Here’s another bonus; at nine points during the presentation, you’ll be prompted to play one of the high- quality, professionally-produced videos.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit

Michael’s book, his powerful presentation, and the backing of the USCCA, will provide you with the intangibles that will set you apart from the competition.

It’s a Proven Fact - Professionalism Increases Student Referrals. Most students are now finding their concealed carry instructors through referrals, so it’s more important now than ever before to be sure you don’t come across as unprepared or unprofessional. The visual image you present, along with the classroom materials that you use, must exceed your student’s expectations if you want your referral rate to go up. Michael’s materials, and being affiliated with a brand name like the USCCA will definitely bring that professional touch to your classroom.

Class Presentation + Book + Visual Aids = Maximum Retention. I asked Michael “When you’ve finished teaching a class, what is your greatest hope as you send your students on their way?” His answer: “I hope that they retain the information in the complex topics that I passed on to them.” He explained it’s a well-known fact that students are lucky to retain just 10% of what they learn if they’re simply hearing about it in a class, and that percentage wasn’t good enough for Michael.

Michael further explained that his experience as a student helped him to understand the power/importance of having a quality textbook that can be read before and after class; a textbook that actually ties in with the lessons being taught by the instructor. Top it off with classroom visual aids that include high quality images and video, and instructors are virtually insured that their students will have had an experience that will be easy for them to remember.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
Michael Martin: Certified Instructor
and established author

Let me share just a couple of the reasons why I’m so excited to have Michael on board.

Michael Martin is a NRA-certified instructor, a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), and is a graduate of the IALEFI Master Instructor course.

Not only is Michael a firearms expert, he’s also a design expert. That was one of the many things that excited me when I asked him to join my team here at the USCCA. I also knew that Michael used top photographers and illustrators to create what’s currently considered the industry standard for concealed carry and home defense textbooks.

Needless to say, if there’s anyone I trust to guide our instructors in the right direction, it’s Michael.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit

The USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor toolkit contains everything you need to either start a firearms training business or bring your’s to a new level.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
Spend more time with those who matter most

Here’s just part of what you can expect from this tool kit:

  • Reduces the effort needed to prepare for your class with an all in one kit
  • Allows you more time with your family and less time creating or preparing for your classes because it’s already been done for you
  • Decreases your overall expenses by providing you with low cost, high quality materials
  • Makes you more money with our affiliate program commission structure
  • Enhances your professional reputation with backing from the USCCA
  • Increases your student referrals by giving them their own piece of the experience to take home and show their friends
  • Boosts your students' lesson retention with an easy to follow systematic presentation
  • Motivates your students to return for additional training by demonstrating the importance of continued firearms education
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit

Firearms trainers nationwide, here is what you get when you order your USCCA Instructor toolkit:

1. USCCA Instructors ToolkitTen copies of Michael's book, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. The retail price of each is $27.95 per book; this alone is a $279.50 value. Selling these ten books to your students will completely pay for this entire training package! Not only that, but when you reorder, your cost will be only $15/book, which is 45% off of the list price. It’s up to you whether you include the cost of the book in your class price, or if you charge your students the cover price; or anywhere in between.
2. The complete 145-slide presentation (on DVD, with free online updates every 6 months), has the ability to fill up to six hours of classroom training. To give you an idea of the monetary value here, design packages for presentations like this begin at $500 and go up from there. Michael’s presentation parallels his book’s seven chapters, transforming them into seven easy-to-follow lessons. And the cool thing is that you can customize it to fit into whatever timeframe that you’d like. Here are the lessons:
3. Nine Critical Presentation Videos: At nine different points during your class, you’ll be prompted to play one of these videos, which will not only enhance your classroom experience, they will bring in outside expertise to reinforce your teachings. The videos include:
1. Explaining the "Reasonable Person Test"
2. Clearing Semi-Automatics
3. The Slap, Rack and Roll Drill
4. Clearing Three Types of Semi-Automatic Failures
5. The Isosceles Stance
6. The Weaver Stance
7. Why Not to Give Your Side of the Story
8. The Miranda Warning and Search and Seizure Laws
9. Stopping Severe Bleeding
4. One of Michael’s classroom posters which are printed in high resolution and full color. Hang it on the wall or pop it in a frame. As an affiliate instructor, you can order additional posters to enhance the look of your classroom.
A. Glock Operation B. Handgun Actions
C. Shooting Platforms D. Shooting Grip
The USCCA and 5.11 Tactical have teamed up to bring you the exclusive USCCA Affiliate Instructor Polo. Which will help you to look as professional as your presentation.
6.    The USCCA Exclusive Affiliate Instructor Range Cap for home, the classroom, or the range.
7. Ten copies of the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, an excellent resource to augment your classes with. Concealed Carry Magazine easily ranks as the nation's number one personal protection magazine. As an affiliate instructor, you can order additional copies of Concealed Carry Magazine at a substantial discount.
8. Fifty postage-paid Concealed Carry Magazine subscription postcards. As an Affiliate Instructor, you will receive 15% of the revenue on any Subscription postcard returned to the USCCA with your name and instructor number on it! As a bonus, you’ll also be paid 15% of the membership fee for any of your students that upgrade to a USCCA membership!

To an average instructor, Michael sells 8 cases of books annually. His top instructors currently buy more than 50 cases per year. If the average instructor sells Michael's book to their students for $25 each, netting $10 profit per book, that instructor would make an extra $1,600 per year. The top instructors make upwards of $10,000 per year in additional income!

Let’s say you train 25 students per week. That’s 100 students per month. 1,200 students per year. 1,200 students x $10 per book = $12,000.

Increase your yearly earning by $10,000+ per year? It’s already being done. And that’s just part of how this kit is intended to help you reach the pinnacle of your training success.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit

If you use this kit as it’s intended, and don’t make the full amount back after just 1 class, we’ll buy it back!

Yes, you read that right!

I’m no stranger to being nervous about buying something that I haven’t seen yet, and that is exactly why I am assigning our “Bulletproof Guarantee” to the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Toolkit.

Everything about this package is designed around making your life as an instructor easier and more successful. It’s been proven in the field and I’m confident that this will be a staple of your teachings for years to come.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit

When I started the USCCA ten years ago, I intended it to be a source of quality information for concealed carry enthusiasts. It eventually evolved into a resource that our member instructors often refer to when teaching their classes.

This is why I know that we are going to be bombarded with requests for this toolkit.

I also know that this Instructor toolkit is going to make a lot of instructors and their families very happy. After all, it pays for itself after 1 class, and after that it’s all money in your pocket! How much extra profit is entirely up to you. In addition, your family will love all the extra time they will get to spend with you instead of watching you with your head buried in the books and stressed out.

Why spend countless hours and countless dollars with your reputation on the line trying this on your own when Michael has already done all of the heavy lifting? He put together this comprehensive toolkit and designed it specifically for YOU, the Concealed Carry & Home Defense Instructor!

USCCA Instructors Toolkit

The truth of the matter is that this package may not be for everyone. I suggest that only the instructors who want to take their business to the next level should participate in this launch.

Heck, if you think you have a winning curriculum already and don’t need any assistance whatsoever, you may be right.

But, have you asked yourself:

  • Are you staying ahead of your competition?
  • Are you being aggressive enough in a volatile and competitive market?
  • Are you doing everything you can to give your students the ultimate experience?
  • Are you satisfied with the income that you’re bringing in now?
  • Are you spending as much time as you’d like with your loved ones?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you have identified a problem that can be fixed with the tools supplied in this package.

When you buy this toolkit, you’ll construct your class with the help of one of the nation’s very best. Whether you use the entire package from beginning to end, or just take bits and pieces, I’m confident the results will be positive and immediate. Michael Martin’s material will take you as far as you’re willing to go.

This package gives you the opportunity to begin molding very knowledgeable and responsibly armed Americans. Please enjoy!

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

P.S. - Place your order NOW, and be one of the first trainers to reap the rewards that this toolkit will generate. Don’t forget this opportunity won’t last. This small investment will pay big, and pay fast.

P.P.S. - Don't forget, you're protected by the now legendary, USCCA Inc. "Bulletproof" 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That's right, if you're not happy with ANYTHING for absolutely any reason you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
USCCA Instructors Toolkit
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