What does “USCCA” stand for?

USCCA stands for the “United States Concealed Carry Association.” The USCCA was founded on the belief that every responsibly armed American has the right — and the duty — to be his or her family’s ultimate protector.

Is the USCCA a government agency?

No, the USCCA is not a government agency. However, we do adamantly support your Second Amendment rights!

Where is the USCCA located?

The USCCA is 100% American-based. We have more than 525,000 members across the United States.

How long has the USCCA been around?

Tim and Tonnie Schmidt founded the USCCA in 2003. It began with the creation of the very first issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, the company’s flagship publication that focuses on responsible gun ownership. Over the next several years, the magazine grew into a national organization called the United States Concealed Carry Association. We now have more than 525,000 USCCA members.

What is the USCCA's mission?

At the USCCA, we STOP CRIME and SAVE lives by preparing members for the before, during, and after of a self-defense incident. You can be a part of the lifesaving mission of the USCCA in several ways. Check out our wide variety of educational resources, plug into expert training, shop our online store and, if you want peace of mind, activate your USCCA Membership today!

How many members does the USCCA have?

The USCCA is proud to support more than 525,000 USCCA members nationwide and is continuously growing. Our members are part of an important network of responsibly armed Americans who are dedicated to becoming the ultimate protectors of their families. When you join the USCCA, you’ll be connected to a powerful network of like-minded individuals from all over the country. You can chat with them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or even on your exclusive USCCA Member Dashboard. See what our members and customers are saying about us...

How do I contact the USCCA?

You can contact the USCCA in a variety of ways:

Reach a Delta Defense Customer Service Representative

Delta Defense's award-winning Customer Engagement team is available 24/7 to talk with you about anything from USCCA Membership benefits to the USCCA 365-Day, Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee. To contact Delta Defense Customer Engagement Team:

Call In: Just call 800-674-9779. One of our American-based customer service team members is waiting to hear from you!

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Make an Appointment: We are always happy to work around your busy schedule. Customer Engagement Advisor appointments are offered so you can be sure that you’ll be connected on time, when you want. Whether it’s to discuss group rates, member renewal or even just activation benefits — we’re here for you! Click here to schedule an appointment with a Delta Defense Customer Engagement Advisor.

Online Chat: You can chat online with an expert at any time! Just click the “Chat” box in the bottom-right corner of the USCCA website to be connected.

Connect With Us on Social Media

Follow the USCCA on social media! Stay up to date on industry trends, read the most recent articles and gun reviews, and interact with hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals from all over the world.

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All Other Inquiries

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See what our members and customers are saying about us...

Does the USCCA have an iOS and/or Android app?

The USCCA is proud to offer the USCCA App that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This concealed carry mobile app is the ultimate training platform for responsibly armed Americans and includes a variety of must-have features, such as the ability to sync your concealed carry permit information for easy mobile access, a comprehensive reciprocity map complete with instant notifications on CCW permit recognition as you cross state borders for USCCA Members, instant access to the award-winning Concealed Carry Magazine and more… Click here to download the USCCA mobile app for iOS. Click here to download the USCCA mobile app for Android.

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