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USCCA Provides Lifesaving Training To Your Communities And You Get To Help Us Decide Where It Goes…​

The USCCA wants to partner with patriots like you to build safer and stronger communities. Together, we can achieve our mission of educating and training 10,000,000 responsibly armed Americans by 2022.

Join the USCCA community today in helping provide lifesaving training and resources to communities across the country. Whether it’s donating educational materials to local libraries, preparing teachers to protect our students, or taking a group of domestic violence victims to the range…you’re making an impact.

Empowering Responsibly Armed Communities Across the Country…

Veterans & Military Families

Transitioning back to civilian life isn’t always easy, and when an Active Service Member leaves home their family can be left feeling vulnerable. With your help, we provide education and training to Veterans, military families, and groups across the U.S. 


Teachers & Students

It’s a devastating reality, but schools have become one of the biggest targets of violent criminals. Teachers across the country are ready and willing to protect our children, but they don’t always know how–or have the funds–to get started. We can send books, posters, and trainers across the country to build stronger defenses in our classrooms.


Women’s Groups

As the fastest-growing group of gun owners in America, more and more women are training to protect themselves and their loved ones. Whether it’s domestic violence victims, groups on college campuses, or mothers and daughters, the USCCA is helping to empower women with the skills and confidence they need to protect what matters most.


Churches & Security Teams

Security Teams are forming across the country to help keep churches, companies, and organizations safe. The USCCA is stepping into help by providing them with books, training, and range time to be completely prepared.


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