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Dandelion for Christmas

My daughter has a Florida State University friend with this Facebook description: “Editing, Writing, & Media, and Russian Minor…. I like different, and adventures are my favorite.” (Adventures, I suppose, like petting unicorns, training a dragon or visiting Hogwarts School…

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We Are Here to Answer Questions

I recently spent a weekend in Minneapolis as part of the USCCA Instructor Certification class. We trained and certified more than 30 newly minted USCCA-certified instructors. As part of that presentation I was asked to talk about what I do.…

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This H&R is ready to fire when the safety is in the up position. To further complicate matters, the heel-mounted mag release is a push button.

Not too long back, I purchased an old Harrington & Richardson .32ACP self-loader.… Read More

Concealed Carry and Condition One: What Does it Mean?

Hammer back and safety on, this Delta Elite’s in Condition One.

Hang around shooters long enough and you’re bound to hear people talking about the carry status of their pistols, most frequently expressed as a bewildering condition… Read More

Striker Down

While self-contained metallic cartridges made firearms a lot more reliable, striker-fired systems are not without fault. Photo by B. Shonts

The introduction of the self-contained metallic cartridge made firearms a lot more reliable.

Prior to its introduction, ignition could…

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Out of Sight!

Gravity dictates that bullets travel on a curved path, unlike the straight line of a laser.

As everyone who wasn’t passing notes in science class knows, a bullet fired from your pistol and a bullet dropped from the same… Read More

What’s In a Name?

9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm NATO —the same flavor in different wrappers.

Some months back, I went with a friend to one of those giant outdoor stores.

While he was running his errands, I was perusing the handgun…

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Heavy Mettle

While steel makes a durable pistol, it also makes a heavy and expensive one.

I’m looking at this FN 1922, which was originally ginned up as a service pistol for the newly-formed Yugoslavian Army.

It’s basically an FN 1910…

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Magazine Issues

See if you can guess the number on the baseplate of the magazine in the gun on the writer’s hip...

How many magazines is enough?

It’s easy to answer flippantly, with something like “More!” or “No such thing!” but…

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Someone Didn’t Get the Memo on Safety Devices

In the article regarding an empty chamber in your carry gun [“Five Beans in the Wheel” by Tamara Keel, CCM Aug/Sept 2011], Ms. Keel states, “if the revolver in question is a double-action revolver made in the last 60 years…

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