30 Days, 30 FREE Guns is a SCAM?

30 Days, 30 FREE Guns is a SCAM?

Yesterday we announced that we’re giving away 30 free guns in April. We will be spending tens of thousands of dollars on this promotion. Many people are expressing OUTRAGE at the fact that you’ll automatically be entered to win a free gun when you subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine or purchase a set of home defense and personal protection DVDs.

I’d like to clear up what appears to be some common misconceptions.

1. This is NOT a scam. We are actually going to be sending out checks in the amount of the MSRP of each gun to each winner. In fact, we sent out 12 of these checks last month. This month, we’re sending 30. Here’s one of our happy winners from last month:

2. This is an “ethical bribe.” Here’s what I mean: We are automatically entering everyone in the daily drawing who purchases the nation’s BEST resource for concealed carry and personal defense or our amazing personal protection DVD package. Both purchases are backed by a 100% Money-Back, 365 Day Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, all you have to do is say the word and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. Our refund rates are amongst the lowest in the industry because our customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with everything purchased from us. And on top of that, we of course want to give away guns to people who are seeking the education and training that we provide – as they’re on the path to being responsibly armed Americans.

3. No purchase necessary. Really, just send us a post card, and the day we receive it your name will be entered along with everyone else. Yes, this is in the fine print. Why? Check out #2. This company is anchored in improving our communities and equipping responsible citizens. We want to provide as many people as possible with our expert training and resources, because we know it will quite literally make our homes, our families, our communities, and our nation safer to have this information in the hands of as many responsibly armed Americans as possible.

We are giving 30 people the opportunity to win new guns in April.

If you subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine, you’ll receive automatic entry.

If you purchase a set of Home Defense & Personal Preparedness DVDs, you’ll receive automatic entry.

OR, just send us a postcard and we’ll include your name in the drawing the day we get it.

It’s really that simple.

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt, President and CEO, USCCA
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine


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      N173 W21298 Northwest Passage
      Jackson, WI 53037

  1. Where’s my gun?????? lol.

  2. Thank You for the offer. After having to sell all my firearms in N.C. to enable me to move back to N.Y. due to my mothers health, this would be a great start to rebuilding my collection. I have NO weapons as of now. I appreciate the opportunity to back the Second Ammendment.

  3. Nothing wrong with giving away free guns providing the recipient is either trained or to be trained in the use and care of them.

  4. What if I take a membership out, does that enter me in the gun giveaway instead of just getting a subscription to a magazine? If so, the the type of membership make a difference or does one give me an advantage over another as far as winning?

    1. I’m not able to answer your question but perhaps someone else will. I just joined today and would like to know my status for the free gun drawings. Am I entered everyday or just one. I’m not about to mail a card in each day.

      1. You are only entered the day you subscribe or purchase the DVD. For the no purchase required please go to the fine print of the giveaway and last sentence of paragraph 4.

  5. Sounds great to me … Hope I can get a post card in the mail , so I will be entered … We all need to be armed , yes I have my conceal permit and carry all the time .. Keep up the good work

  6. I am A firm be leaver in concealed carry . I have my state concealed carry and proud of it .

  7. As a subscriber, I knew you are not running a scam Tim. You have the best gun magazine in the publishing business for the concerned gun owner who carries, and my wife and I do. Keep up the great work.

  8. Good job. How do I receive a subscription to Concealed Carry mag???

  9. No scam here folks! I’m a winner any way you look at it. First, I’ve got all kinds of information and education available to me through both the USCCA website and the Concealed Carry Magazine and second, I’ve been chosen as a winner for this month’s 30 Days 30 Free Guns giveaway! Doing some serious thinking on just what to get and thankful for the chance to be an American that can own a gun. Keep us free and safe folks.


  11. Congratulations to all the winners so far, but I was looking for the list of winners for the ammo give away. Been a member for a couple of years now and have to say it’s the best organization out there for everything from legislation to training to reviews of products. Anyone reading this that hasn’t joined yet, what are you waiting for???

  12. I found an address some different from this and send a post card.It said don’t worry we are not sending you a gun we are sending you $600 to buy one if you win.

    U S Concealed Carry

  13. Where is the link for subscribers? I am a life member. You were sending out links during past giveaways for those that are already members.

    1. Yeah where do people that have paid subscriptions enter or are we entered already?

      1. Hello prozmamn29: Here is our No Purchase Necessary Link https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/EnterToWin.asp

        Thank you and stay safe!
        Kristine, Member Service Advisor

  14. Not a scam ! Surprise ! surprise ! I won a check for a new sig p239 9mm ! Thanks USCCA ! Great company , Great Magazine ! Great training ! Thanks USCCA !

    If you don’t want to support our military …. Go stand in front of
    them !

  15. rpampt@comcast.net

    Is there a list of recent winners posted on the website somewhere?

  16. all I have heard is thank u for joining and wanting me 2 buy something not who have won the guns I think u just suck me into a scam

    1. Hello Timothy,

      We do need to wait until we get all winners permission before we can publish the full list. Here is the final list that we will publish on our website within the next week or so:

      Theodore F Wheatfield IN Sig Sauer P938 SAS (MSRP $823)
      Timothy C Saylorsburg PA Springfield XD-S .45 ACP (MSRP $550)
      John C Oro Valley AZ Rock River Arms 1911 Poly (MSRP $925)
      Joe W Ruleville MS Taurus Model 617 .357 Mag (MSRP $571)
      Robert T Virginia Beach VA Taurus Model 617 .357 Mag (MSRP $571)
      Peter C Portland ME Colt Defender .45 ACP (MSRP $1,015)
      Glenn P Purcellville VA Sig Sauer P226 Two-Tone (MSRP $993)
      Waid F Montague MI Smith & Wesson M&P 340 CT (MSRP $1,129)
      Paul B Fredricksburg VA Kahr CW40 (MSRP $485)
      Richard K Muskego WI H&K USP 9mm Compact (MSRP $992)
      Charles D Latrobe PA Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 (MSRP $750)
      Joe K Kamiah ID Ruger LC9 (MSRP $449)
      Henry W East Norriton PA Taurus Raging Judge M513 (MSRP $1,061)
      Kennith T Fort Smith AR Kahr MK9 Elite (MSRP $932)
      Byron K Louisville KY Smith & Wesson M&P 45C (MSRP $619)
      Theresa K Rainier OR Beretta BU9 Nano 9x19mm Parabellum (MSRP $475)
      Pat C Groveland FL FNH USA Five-Seven (MSRP $1,035)
      Robert B South Jordan UT Ruger LCR (.357 Magnum) (MSRP $599)
      Steven H Newbury OH Browning Buck Mark Micro Standard URX (MSRP $460)
      Robin R Mesa AZ Walther PPK (MSRP $599)
      Cort B Westwood NJ Kahr CM9 (MSRP $517)
      Daniel C Broadlands VA HK P30 9mm (MSRP $1,054)
      Mark L Wichita KS Glock G30S Subcompact .45 Auto (MSRP $637)
      Mark F Manteca CA Springfield XD Mod 2 (MSRP $599)
      Gerry M Marshall WA CZ-USA CZ P-07 Duty (MSRP $496)
      Peter C Lynchburg VA Kel-tec PF-9 (MSRP $390)
      Warren A Clawson MI Smith & Wesson Governor (MSRP $769)
      Myron B S Roslyn PA Smith & Wesson Governor (MSRP $769)
      Charles H Denton NC Glock 17 Gen 4 (MSRP $599)
      Michael J Seligan AZ Glock 17 Gen 4 (MSRP $599)
      J D Wilmington MA Glock 17 Gen 4 (MSRP $599)
      Ruth M Wheaton IL Walther PPQ M2 (MSRP $644)
      Mark S Florien LA Walther PPQ M2 (MSRP $644)
      Steven S Billings MT Walther PPQ M2 (MSRP $644)
      David S Little Elm TX Walther PPQ M2 (MSRP $644)
      Anthony D Arlington VA Colt CQBP (MSRP $2,158)
      Carl I Delaware OH Colt CQBP (MSRP $2,158)
      Mary D Albrightsville PA Colt CQBP (MSRP $2,158)
      Rachel D Weatherford TX Colt CQBP (MSRP $2,158)
      Kari K Yuba City CA Colt CQBP (MSRP $2,158)
      Nick M St. George UT MG Arms Wraithe .45 ACP (MSRP $2,750)

      Thank you for contacting the USCCA. Have a great day and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

  17. Where is the current 2015 oct list?

    1. Hello,

      Winners are announced in the daily emails that you receive. Please watch for the current winners list in your inbox today!

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our Member Services Advisors at 877-677-1919.

      Thank you and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

  18. Where is the current list of winners?

    1. Hello Paul,

      Winners are announced in the daily emails that you receive. Please watch for the current winners list in your inbox today!

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our Member Services Advisors at 877-677-1919.

      Thank you and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

  19. Kristine,
    Where is the winners list for Dec. 2015. Is it out yet, if not when?

    Pistolleto (I am Texas)

    1. Hello Pistolleto,

      I have emailed you the winners list for December!

      Thank you and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

  20. waynther2@hotmail.com

    If we purchased the Insurance are we automaticaly entered ?

    1. Hello,

      You are not automatically entered each day of the gun drawing…please use our no purchase necessary link to enter one time per day.


      Good luck!

      Take care and stay safe!

      Member Services Advisor

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