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Make sure to become a fan over at Facebook to get in on the Facebook FREE Fan Giveaways!!!  A new giveaway almost every week from our sponsors. This week we’ll be giving away a $200 coupon for FREEEEEEE ammo!

This week on Armed American Radio Network, Larry Pratt of the GOA finally makes his appearance!  Make sure to tune in and get the FACTS as only Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the Gun Owners of American can give them to you!

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This weeks Featured Sponsor is www.ammo.net Make sure to join the Facebook fan giveaway this week for your shot to win $200 of the caliber of your choice!  I’ll announce the winner live on AAR this weekend!

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17 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. hey USCCA im a NRA member in my june 2013 Americas first freedom mag. it advertises 1000 rounds of your choice ammo,@freeammogiveaway.com all i found is 200.00 give away here?Id like to enter,can u help.

  2. Apparently the only way one can enter the free giveaway is to sign on to Facebook.
    There are quite a few of us here that have canceld with Facebook due to the problems with security with Facebook.
    Therefore if we do not have Facebook, we cannot participate, right?

  3. HEY USCCA !, in my June 2013 issue of “AMERICAN RIFLEMAN”. You say there’s a free drawing for 1000 rounds of my choice of caliber,but I don’t see it here anywhere,WHY ?. I have a permit application on file with my local sheriff’s office,waiting to hear back to continue on.

  4. about the ammo give away,what if you dont own a 9mm or a 40 cal or a 45? i only own a 380. you say no substitution.

  5. Gaylan…you can sell the ammo if you can’t use it. Some gun stores will trade with you because demand is so high.
    Protect the 2nd Amendment and God Bless America we need it bad.

  6. whats up? July issue of American Rifleman states 5,000 rounds of ammo to be given away free. Went to FreeAmmoGiveaway site and could not find a place to enter unless you sign up for the news letter for USCCA or join facebook. Is this a rip off. NRA to be contacted.

  7. 5,000 rounds ????????????????////
    where do i enter

    1. yes where do we enter been member for 3 or 4 yrs this is the first time I can’t find a way. this is for the 1000 rds 5 winners for JULY.

  8. Looking forward to joining the USCCA and winning the free ammo.

  9. They can have their free F’n Ammo I would not give that slime bag (Zuckerberg) and his “bastardized social network) the time of day– this offer Is a conspiracy to stay on Facebook where the NSA slime crappers can pick up all your information Kinkaid and Clapper can go to hell with the NSA I am thinking of tearing up my NRA card-If the Goddam idiots at NRA and the American Riflemen do not
    know who the F–K the enemy is then I am outta here !

  10. God Bless what’s Left of this Country!!!!!

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